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 Reiki  History



The traditional story of Reiki, often told by Reiki teachers, begins in the early1800s, when Reiki was rediscovered and revived by a Christian monk by the name of Mikao Usui (though Reiki was an ancient method even then). Usui was a teacher of the Doshisha University in Japan . When his students asked him to demonstrate and explain the healing method used by Jesus, he was unable to do so.

This began a 10 year quest to find and learn those skills. Told by Christian authorities in Japan that this healing method was not talked about or even known , Usui then searched the information through Buddhism. Usui Sensei was then soon told by Buddhist monks that the ancient spiritual healing methods had been lost.

Usui Sensei’s quest then led him to the United States . When he attended the University of Chicago Divinity School and became a Doctor of Theology.  Able to read Japanese, Chinese, and English, Dr. Usui searched Chinese scripts to no avail, and eventually traveled to North India , where he was able to study the holy writings.

Dr. Usui later returned to Japan where he lived in a Zen Buddhist monastery, where he discovered the symbols which seemed to hold the answers to the healing formula....And so he said, "Very well, I've found it. But now, I have to interpret this, because it was written 2500 years ago.” From there he traveled to the Holy Mountain of Koriyama. It was there that he began 21 days of fasting and meditation. Upon his arrival at the mountain, he placed 21 small stones in front of him to count each day, throwing away one stone at the end of each day.

On the final morning of his quest, he saw a shining ball of light moving toward him at great speed. It became larger and larger and finally struck his third eye.  He saw millions of little rainbow colored bubbles of blue, red, pink and all the colors of the rainbow. A great white light appeared, as he saw each of the   symbols in front of him glowing in shining gold. As he saw the symbols, he received information about each of them. This was the birth of Usui's system of Reiki.

When Usui Sensei returned to a normal state of consciousness, the sun was shining bright in the sky and he felt a great spirit and a sense of strength and energy, Mikao Usui left Mt. Koriyama knowing how to heal as Buddha and Jesus had healed. The first Miracle happened when in his rush down the mountain, he stubbed his toe on a rock and he fell to the ground. His toe was bleeding, and when he instinctively grabbed his toe in both of his hands for a few minutes, his hands became hot, his toe stopped bleeding and the pain disappeared.

Usui was very hungry, and he stopped at an inn and ordered a large meal. The innkeeper warned him not to eat such a large meal after fasting for so long, but Usui was able to eat it all without any discomfort or adverse effects. This was the second Miracle

The third Miracle happened when the granddaughter of the innkeeper had a bad toothache from which she had been suffering for several days. Placing his hands upon her swollen face she immediately felt better and was relieved of the pain.

Upon returning to the monastery, he was informed that the director was in bed with great arthritic pain; Dr. Usui also healed the director. This was the fourth Miracle.

After returning to his monastery, Usui decided after a few days to go and work for a short time in an asylum, treating many diseases. After healing each person, he asked that the person start a new life, however, he noticed the same people with the same old faces kept returning. When he asked them why they had not begun a new life, he was told working was too troublesome, and that it was easier to go on begging. Usui became discouraged and left the asylum. After leaving the asylum and returning to Kyoto , Usui met Chujiro Hayashi, a retired naval officer. Hayashi received his Reiki Master's training from Usui in 1925 becoming Usui's successor at the age of 47, and the second Reiki Grand Master in the line of tradition. Dr. Usui died in 1930, having made between 16 and 18 Reiki Masters and is now buried in a Kyoto temple with his life story written

Hayashi ran a private Hayashi ran a Reiki clinic in Tokyo until 1940, where unusually severe illness and disease could be treated with Reiki. This clinic was where Hawayo Takata of Hawaii  received her first Reiki treatments that would later lead her to study with Dr. Hayashi. Takata returned to Hawaii after her studies and was made a Reiki Master by Hayashi when he visited the island in 1938. When Hayashi died in 1941, Takata succeeded Hayashi as Grand Master herself when she was around seventy-four years of age.

Now, almost 90 years later Reiki is just now becoming as known as some of the other alterative treatments.




























                      Mikao Usui 
            1865 - 1926


















































                  Chujiro Hayashi 
              1878 - 1940



         Mrs . Hawayo Takata 
           1900 - 1980